klebsiella pneumoniae

klebsiella pneumoniae

For Customers who are interested to have phage treat for klebsiella pneumoniae.


Dear Customers, due to high demand, we decided to specifically mention and explain how phage treatment will work (or is possibility to work) for klebsiella pneumoniae.

unfortunately there is no “Ready” phage cocktails which we can offer for klebsiella pneumoniae, but there is a option to customize your own bacteriophages (Autophage).


How it works:

1. You should make distance analysis to see which type of klebsiella pneumoniae is in your case ( as it has several different types). https://mybacteriophage.net/products/find-the-correct-bacteriophage-virus-analysis?variant=31607206182998

2. Send us your sample (can be urine, sperm, blood and etc).

3. After the labor result, you will be eligible to order customized phages. https://mybacteriophage.net/products/customized-bacteriophages

4. Labor takes 2 month to customize.

5. We provide a products at your house door!

We do hope, that you will find this information useful.

Sincerely yours,

MyBacteriophage.Net Team!




  • Posted by Sabine Bach on

    Bei mir wurde Klebsiella pneumoniae im Speichel nachgewiesen, Saurer brennender klebriger schaumiger Speichel, aufgrund von verkeimten Knochenersatzmaterial Zahn. Nasennebenhöhlen Entzündungen. Wie viel kostet eine komplette Keimbestimmung und wie viel die Phagen. Wie nimmt man sie ein. LG Sabine

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